Barcelona Port Parking

The Service of Parking Port Barcelona is aimed at all those travelers who go on a Cruise from the Port of Barcelona and need to leave their car parked safely while enjoying their vacations.

Make your Reservation for 76 € /8 days

The Service includes Parking + Transfer to the Port (for 2 people and luggage), + 3 days of Free Parking Before or After the Cruise.
The Schedule of transfers is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (if you need a transfer outside of these hours, contact us)

The Best Price and the Best Service

9 €/day!

From the 11th day the price is € 3 / day (Minimum Stay 1 week). Transfers included


Do you want 3 free days?!

If before or after your cruise you want to enjoy a few days in Barcelona, you have 3 free days of parking. Take advantage of them! (only with the cruise service)

Way of Operating:

  1. 1 - Use the Price Calculator to know the price. (Select Parking Port Barcelona)
  2. 2 - Click on the Reserve button
  3. 3 - Fill in the form
  4. 4 - Click on the submit button
  5. 5 - At the end, a screen with your data and the reservation number will appear
  6. 6 - You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with the confirmation.

Price calculator

Entry date

Exit date


Method of use

If you are two people in the vehicle: come directly to the parking. We will take you both together with the suitcases
(Map of how to get to the parking)

If you are more than two people in the vehicle: go to the port, leave your companions, suitcases and come to the parking (it´s very easy)
(Mapa de como ir del puerto al parking)

How does passenger parking work?

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